Dear Past


Do you know that a single rose of any color depicts a way to say “thank you” ?

The white rose on the letter above was dedicated to appreciate my past, both good and bad past.

Past is not something that can be erased, neither be repeated. It was there and it will always be there. Nothing you can do to change your past because it has been written in your book of life. You can open and remember your previous chapter of your life but all you can do is write a new chapter of your life. The past is part of you that shapes your present and future. What matter now is how do you feel toward your past?

Often we hate our past, we just want to forget about it. Your past might be like hell, but that’s ok. Take a deep breath and rethink. The most significant thing is not your past, but what you become now. How the past has been affecting you all these time?

There are 4 ways of looking back at your past and all of these will affect your present :

1) Forgot it

  • I forgot what is all about. There were many things happen in the past and some things are just naturally being forgotten.

2) Ignore it

  • You pretend like nothing happened in the past. Your past is your past, it has nothing to do with your present. You try to forget your past by ignoring it or sometimes you don’t really care about it so you feel like ignoring it. Ignore means you remember but you don’t want to deal with it again.

3) Hold it

  • Past is still there in your mind. You’re thinking about it frequently. You are still not letting it go. It can be happy, sad, good, or bad memories. It can be solved or unsolved past. No matter what it is, you are still holding on to it. Only you know the reason why.

4) Set it free

  • You set it free means you are accepting it and it is up to the future whether you will still remember it or not. Accepting means you are grateful for it. The case might be different for each memories in the past. For example, for a bad or painful memories, you are accepting it and make it a life lesson. In other hand, for a happy memories, you are thankful for it and you wish to keep it in your memories, yet you set it free and you don’t know until when you still remember it. The point is you have accepted it as your part of past life and you’re now moving on.

Excluding number 1 which you have no control of it ( depends whether you have bad or good memories), the best way to see your past is number 4. Why number 4? Because it left you with no stress or pressure when you look back into your past.

Your past is part of life. It did not just happened to be written in your previous chapter of your life, it was meant to be there. Everything happens for a reason. You just have to open your eyes and heart to see the reason of it. If you still can’t see the reason, be prepared and encouraged for the future, because you might not have experienced it yet since it might happen in the next chapter of your life. Someday, you will be able to answer the why question.

Some of you might start thinking and questioning why can’t we keeping the good memories ? Keeping is different with holding it. Of course you can keep all the good memories. Keeping means you remember it as a memory in your brain. However, holding it means you are not move-on yet. You can’t live in your present life freely if you are still holding on into your past, even you’re only holding on to your good memories. You have to set it free.

Some people might say my past is better than my present, that’s why I wish I could live my past twice. Well, if you keep comparing your present life to your mighty past life, how can you focus on building your present and future life if you always look back? All you need is to accept your past,  learn from your past, take all the lessons, and be thankful for it. After that, you can start writing your new chapter freely.

So now, why don’t you buy yourself a single rose to appreciate your past? =)

Have fun writing your own new chapter 🙂

~ Girl in Pink Dress


4 responses to “Dear Past

  1. You made some very good points of accepting our past. and how it’s not a bad thing but all the same it makes you stronger.

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