Rain on us

It has been raining all week-long and yes I had a good night sleep every night. I love listening to the rain, especially when I am about to go to bed. Rain seemed to wash all my troubled mind. So this week, I have been thinking about rain and what does it bring.

When I think of rain, I think about the farmers. The farmers are happy when they enter a rainy season. Rainy season brings a plenty of water. Water is a very important element for the soil ecosystem cycles. So here is the story of water  in the rice field. (Relax, I’m not going to lecture you about geology, I just need to give you the big picture of how the rain plays a big part in the rice field 🙂 )


Water helps the crops to absorb the nutrient from the fertilizer. With the help of gravitation, the water on the surface of the soil goes into the soil, dissolving the nutrient from the fertilizer,  so that the crops can eat the nutrient. Moreover, the rice crops themselves need a lot of water in order for them to grow. On the other hands, when the amount of water is excessive, it can cause the loss of nutrition  of the soil. Two of the most important nutrients that easily dissolved in water is phosphorus (P)  and Potassium (K2O).

Fortunately, there are some solutions to the heavy rain season that can help the farmers, such as making conduit around the bund, measuring the sufficiency of the amount of compost used, reducing the used of urea, balancing fertilization with regard of P and K nutrient intake, and much more.

So what does the rain brings to the farmers? Happiness or sadness? It depends. When the rain comes, the farmers are happy. But when the rain is too much, the farmers are afraid of crop failure. In conclusion, water is needed in a balanced amount. Yet because no one can control the season, the farmers can try to anticipate it.

Doesn’t rain portray “balance” in our life? Everything won’t be good anymore if it too much. Let say food. Any healthy food will not be good for our body if we consume it too much. How about work? If you work too much, you won’t have time for other great things. Some of you still in school, doesn’t your teacher always say that you must balance your study and play time, right? How about ambition?

Having an ambition in our life is important. Those great minds who have purposes, have ambitions to reach their goal. However, ambition is like rain. Sometimes when we have an ambition, we forgot to look at the other side. We are to focus on our purpose and forget that the other people have been disadvantaged by us.

I witnessed something this week. There was a man who works in a workplace. His boss was proud of him and about to give him a raise. However, the boss found out that he had cheated on him. That guy must have ambition to work hard, to live well, and to get rich. There is nothing wrong with having an ambition to get rich, what matter the most is how we define rich and how we get to it. Well, poor guy, he took a short cut and decided to ask his client for bribes. He was spreading bad rumors about his boss in order for him to ask for money. He got caught and was fired. In other word, here we learn that too much ambition can lead us to become greedy.

Therefore, may we look up to the rain. When we have ambition and purpose, and you feel you’re on the right side, stop and rethink again. Look at your left side, because sometimes you forget that there is a better way to do it. Don’t lead your ambition make you greedy. When you realize that you’re on the wrong side, don’t lose hope, there is always solution that worth to try. I’m sure if the man in that workplace apologized, the boss would find him some other solutions instead of firing him, like finding him another job. Unfortunately his greed, stubbornness, and blind ambition lead him into the fire.

Remember the rain that pours in the rice field

Let us be grateful for the rain

For the rain depicts God’s blessing in our life

It rains on us, but don’t let it make us greedy


~ Girl in Pink Dress


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