Spread the Kindness!

Sometimes, we forgot about a little thing called kindness.  Here is my story:

Today, I went to a worship practice for Sunday service. I drove myself like usual. I was about to got out from my apartment building. My car suddenly lock itself when I was driving in-circle down the hill in the spiral parking garage ramps. 


The stir locked and I couldn’t move it to the right (it was on the left position). I panicked and was terrified at the same time. I pulled the hand break and tried to start my car again. It didn’t work. So I stopped in the middle of down-hill spiral parking garage ramps. I pulled my phone out of my bag and about to call my daddy when I saw a car from behind me was getting close to my car. I went out from my car and tried to stop the car behind me (as they already stopped). I called my dad asking for his help. He was still at my apartment so it would be quick for him to help me. There were an old man and a younger man came out from the car. I freaked out. I thought they were gonna be mad and scold me because I stopped in the middle of the one-way street. People who is driving in my town were not that friendly you know, especially my town is known as a city with a very bad traffic, so yeah I was terrified. The younger man looked at me anxiously and the older man approached me. He smiled and asked me in a relaxed tone, “Your car cannot be started?” I answered, “Yes, it suddenly stopped and I honestly don’t know what to do.” He asked my permission to take a look at my car. He asked whether it has alarm and automatic car. Then I said yes. Then he told me to put my car on P (Parking) gear. I did as he said and he told me to try to start my car again. It worked!!! He said don’t forget to put it in P or N gear, otherwise the car that suddenly stopped cannot be started. I was so stupid when I was in panic. I totally forgot that small thing. I thanked him and he said, “No worries”. He smiled and he went back to his car. What a kind person he is!

I was surprise by his kindness. The individualistic and cruel world makes me forgot that there are still good people out there! I have been driving for years.  I’ve been scolded, screamed, and blamed in the street by random people that thought that they were right. I got used to it. People who are driving in my city are very individualistic and egocentric people. I have been scolded by a taxi drive who blamed his fault on me. I have been yelled by a motorcycle driver that thought that the street was his. In short words, I had enough bad experiences in the street that make me think that there were no friendly people on the street. So this kind man reminds me of something valuable, something precious, that there is still kindness in this world which needs to be spread.

A little thing called kindness can changed the world. 

How come that happens?

Because your small kind act matters! It can brighten someone’s else day.

~ Girl in Pink Dress


9 responses to “Spread the Kindness!

  1. Nice story, thought you might like a poem I posted on my blog titled “kindness”

    On average the only things we’ll pass along
    will be the kindness we’ve given away
    without even noticing

    a kindness received
    and carried forward
    on the winds of time and temperament

    well beyond the marker
    of our lifetime
    well into the hereafter

    Poem #4 in Momentary Glances

  2. Excellent point, and a story/lesson worth sharing. When random strangers help me out and demonstrate great self-lessness I almost think of them as angels in human guise…and yet how much better would it be if we helped each other out…we’re all in this together, and we all could use a hand.

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