Thank you my love

Here we are entering a Valentine’s weekend. I love when Valentine’s Day is on Friday. Do you know why? Because it means we have 3 days for valentine starting from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In other words, we have 3 days to share our love with those people we love.

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, all kind of love! Love for God, love for your soul mate, love for your husband/wife, love for your girl/boyfriend, love for your family, love for you brothers and sisters, love for your friends, and love for other people around you.

There are many ways to celebrate this V-Day. Among those many ways to celebrate V-day, there is a simple way to celebrate V-day which is saying thank you to your beloved ones.

Thank you for always be there in my life. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for caring about me so much. Thank you that you always support me. Thank you …

This has been my Valentine’s tradition for a long time. I learned this : You never know that a simple sincere thank you can brightened someone’s else day.

Why should you give a try?

Here are some thoughts about it :

1) It’s a proper moment that you won’t forget to let them know how thankful you are.

There are 365 days a year, but how many times you actually say thank you to people who you love?I’m not talking about a simple thank you note or just a word “thank you”, but I’m talking  more about like letting them know how you are grateful to have them and how they are so important to you? Not many times, right? In fact, perhaps you can count it by hand. So, Valentine’s day is at least one of those days in a year that you can let the people know how much you appreciate them.

2) They may not know that you love them.

How should I know that you think I mean a lot to you? That’s question is sometime covering up some people’s mind. No one can read mind. So let them know how much you appreciate them, it will help them to realize that their love is not one-sided love or maybe it will open their eyes. Who knows.

3) They’ll love you more

Knowing how much you love them and how much they mean to you makes them happy. They will know for sure that their efforts did not go to waste. They will open up to you and let you know how they feel about you too.  And pretty sure, they will love you more. After all, an open communication is the key of a stronger relationship, right?

So now, are you ready to add more spice to your Valentine’s weekend?


There is still time and remember this,

It’s never too late to say THANK YOU!


~ Girl in Pink Dress


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