‘Till it hurts no more

How long does it take to forget the person you love?

To tell you the truth, it’s unlikely for one to be able to forget the person whom he/she loves.

However, by the time goes by, there will be a point when it doesn’t hurt anymore to think about the person whom you love.

And how long does it take?

It depends. Can be months, a year, years…

But for me it takes almost 4 years until it hurts no more when I think about the person whom I love dearly.


My relationship was not like the relationship that most of you have. I often think that many people that I know, such as my best friends, friend, older people, are lucky because they had their chances to at least be in the real relationship with the people whom they love. For me, it wasn’t like that. We were close, very close indeed, but we were not in the real relationship. I was too unsure about how I felt and never admitted him as my boyfriend until it was too late to let him know of how I feel. He chose to be with a girl that showed him her love and gave him assurance which I was unable to give him. Yet he didn’t let me know for months until I found out myself. Those unknown months were like a hell, I felt betrayed yet I didn’t blame him. I thought I would be able to get over him very quickly, but I guess I was wrong. It took me more than 3 years to be able to fully move on. In other words, it hurts no more when I think of him.


So when you ask me can you forget the people you once loved? No, you won’t forget them, they will always be in your deepest heart, loved. Yet, there will be a time when you start to think about other stuff before you think of them. Moreover, there will be a time when you start to convince yourself that they’re happy now and you need to be happy too. At the end, you will be able to continue your life as your life goes on. Once in a while, you will think of them but it won’t hurt you anymore. You will just smile knowing that they’re safe and sound.


A guy once said to me, “When you truly love someone, you don’t forget about her, but you let her go because to see her happy is more important.”


2 responses to “‘Till it hurts no more

    • Thank you. ❤ Yes, true love is always there on your deepest heart, but you can choose to be happy for the person you love and you also deserve a happiness for yourself as well. Have a great day !

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