The Filter

I’m not going to lie, last week was a stressful week for me. Work, family, friends, etc, every thing just ridiculously put pressure on me. I felt like I’m getting old faster if I kept thinking this way. So I was finding a way to reduce my stress level. So here are some of my thoughts to help you and I figure out what to do when we have a high level of stress.

  • Stress is gone when you solve your problems?

What is the root of your stress? Don’t think about it later, think it now. You have to find a way to solve the problems. The more you delay to solve it, the more you suffer. So it’s true that stress is gone when you solve your problems, yet it’s not the main point. (See the next point)

  • Stress shortens life?

Whether it’s true or not that life shortens life, think it this way. When you let others keep put pressure on you, you are stressing your self. You convince your self that you’re in deep stress. You can’t enjoy the beauty of new day. You don’t enjoy each second, minute, hours and day you’re living in because all you think is stress. You holds your smile, aways thinking that life is unfair. Your day becomes wasted as you only think about being stress. Then, of course stress “shortens” your life because you let stress rules over you. You want it this way? Well, I don’t, how about you?

  • Have a FILTER in your head

Don’t let stress rule over your life by having filter in your head. Like Joyce Meyer once said, ” When we fill our thoughts with right things, the wrong ones have no room to enter.” In other words, when you let stress takes over your thoughts, you have no room for good things to enter your thoughts. It means you have been blindfolded by stress. You can’t see clearly what good opportunities you have right in front of your eyes. So use your brain filter!

Sometimes we tend to make a little thing becomes a big thing. It’s really unnecessary. Leave it small and solve it right away.

If you have many things for you to care, then create some independent barriers. Work for work, family for family, friend problem for friend time, etc. It helps you to focus solving your problem at the right time and place.

Let go things that is not worth thinking. Your brain has a limit, you have to filter out things that you can’t change. You will learn how to accept things and move on.

  • Have a little time for your self, but don’t you dare to run away!

A long-time problem can’t be solve right away, yet don’t let it interrupt your daily life and responsibility. Sometimes, it takes time to solve your problem, which is ok, work diligently and patiently to solve it. However, don’t let it put pressure or stress on you. Think it as a responsibility that you have and need to carry on. In the mean time, your brain needs some relaxing time too. Once in a while, to eliminate stress, you can do stuff for yourself, like watching TV, take a short vacation, seeing your friends, reading book, and other things that you like. Once you’ve calmed down, you can think clearly again and carry on your responsibility.

Therefore, filtering your thoughts helps you to organize and solve your problems while it eliminates the pressure and reduce the stress level.

You rule your world! Don’t let stress take it over.


~ Girl in Pink Dress



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