Why Roses and Lilies

The Stories Behind

As you know I’m obsessed with white roses. All I want is simply my prince charming would bring me a bucket of white roses in the day he said I love you. Such a fairytale, I know! However, that’s just my dream which doesn’t explain why I love white roses. A white rose simply says, “I’m worthy of you”. Those who gave/give me a white flower must know that he is worthy of me as I’m also worthy of him. I like white roses because they are simple, yet they have a very deep meaning, a meaning that requires both parties to know themselves first before starting a new chapter of their life.

Because I  am a sophisticated person, I added a kind of flower which has a little sophisticated touch: Calla Lily. Besides all the meaning of white lilies that have resemblance with white roses, Lilies has its own story in my life. Every little girl loves to hear stories from her mom about her mom’s fairytale wedding with her dad. That includes me. My mom used to tell me stories about all the preparation of her wedding and how it all went so perfectly. Everything was just fell on the right place at that time. She told me that the flowers that were used  as a decoration in her wedding was lilies. It wasn’t a coincidence, yet she had planned it as she wanted it to be the same as her mother (my grandmother)’s wedding. So I told my self that day, “When I get married someday, I want lilies, white lilies, on my wedding. ”


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